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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Big Day Part 1

It is the big day. The one I had hoped and waited for...and now after the first evaluation and consultation~Luke sleeps, Brad is on a hunt for food and I am blogging...trying to get these feelings and emotions sorted out.

We arrived at the KCC on time~WOOP WOOP! Nothing short of a miracle for us to be there on time :) We even had a minute to spare. I met with Nancy Kaufman prior to her evaluating and working with Luke, while Brad watched him in the very kid friendly waiting area. It is amazing how many children are here with special needs~and how well arranged this children's center is.

Nancy had all of our paperwork, but wanted to familarize herself with Luke's history, his likes and dislikes, etc. We quickly ushered Luke in and Brad and I went into a well thought out observation room (behind the glass) and watched therapy with Nancy. I will say...it looks alot different than anything we have had. Very fast paced, very child centered, but planned methodically~a video camera taped the entire session and I took notes the entire time. Jotting down all that I could. Luke did very well~he listened and was attentive~very attentive for a 2 year old!

Nancy conferenced with us after the evaluation and session. She commended us on getting him so much therapy and so early on. She reaffirmed that he was apraxic-he did have apraxia of speech-Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
She also talked to us about the kind of therapy needed. Her method is by far the best and we must get our therapist to pattern their methods off of hers for this to work. Thankfully, our people are on board~it's just the training that we need now. (We hope to leave with the instructional dvd set that should help our slps provide the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol aka K-SLP methods)

Nancy also stressed the importance of OT for sensory issues. We are going to go through a 2 hour evaluation this afternoon to address these issues. Before now oral sensory issues were suggested and we said that we knew he had some issues, but they haven't been addressed.

I cannot wait to hear what Jessica (clinic director for OT at the KCC) has to say this afternoon.

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