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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Cousins Are Coming~The Cousins Are Coming!

Thanksgiving 2009

Well, not all the cousins are coming~but at least 2 of them will be here for Thanksgiving.  (AC and the Gavinator)  We are having Thanksgiving at my parent's house this year.  Philip, Lauren and Anna Catherine are coming down.  Andrew Folse is coming with them.  We are also expecting Rip, Elle and Gavin :)

Rip and Elle


I will try to post more pics of the thanksgivings from years past~and from this year's gathering.  I love looking back at old pictures. Here are some of the kids at Wild Adventures~I guess we will have to try to make it to the park while everyone is here, too.

I am sure that we will also ride around on the "beep-beep". 
It is one of Luke's favorite things to do.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends~Continued blessings for all!

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