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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EEG Take 2

Today is the day of the EEG with sedation.  I have been asked why we are doing so many tests...well, I guess it is to get answers.  I guess it is to be better prepared.  I guess it is to help Luke.  I guess it is to have insurance become responsible. 

I say all these things not really as guesses, but as reasons. 

I question why people who have children with apraxia don't run the gammets of tests.  I wonder if they are afraid of the findings or if they just don't want to know what is really wrong.  I question that if more people did the testing and shared their answers~would we find the missing link?

We attemped an EEG in our neurologist's office and it was insufficient~not enough time for a good enough "read"~so a sedated EEG at the hospital was ordered.  I wish that we could do the EEG and the MRI at the same time, but because we are dealing with insurance and hospitals~it can't be done. 

So, my child and I will suffer through 2 tests, 2 sedations and 2 hospital visits because of their incompetency.  I did try to advocate for a better treatment plan, but supposedly there were no more appointments for MRIs at SGMC until the new year. 

Again, if I rescheduled, it would be on the next year's insurance and I would start the new year off almost meeting my deductible~and we would put off the results.  Not to mention, the medical bills are piling up!

Please say a prayer that Luke handles the sedation well and comes out of this procedure like the happy, healthy boy that we think he is~the character that we know and love.

So, off we go to SGMC~!

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