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Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting My "Game" Face On~

Today is the day.  I have to meet with the early intervention agency people (again).  This time for them to assist me in filling out some forms. 

Yeah, you read that correctly~they will be assisting me~LOL! 

The ONLY reason that I am meeting with them is because I have to have someone from a government agency sign off on some paperwork for Luke.  It was either them or DFCS and I really did try to get a social worker vs. a service coordinator ;)  No such luck.  Oh well, they will be way more uncomfortable than I will.
I say this because this same agency just cut our occupational therapy because it wasn't happening in our home.  I know you are thinking...why didn't she blog about this~this is serious.  Cutting Luke's therapy?  How can they do that? 

Well, this is a catch 22 situation.  Yes, his occupational therapy has been cut by our state agency, but Luke will still receive the same therapy from the same therapist privately (meaning our insurance company will pay for their part of 40 sessions and we will pay our part and anything over those 40 sessions we are totally responsible for)  I know, you are still scratching your heads~like I said...it is all unfortunately, a game!  One that I am getting much better at playing. 

Here's the deal...the agency requires us to have the therapy at our house (which they say is law~so I found the law and it doesn't say that, Section M, # 5 said that therapy could occur in a setting other than the home, if it was best for the child) and because we were having therapy at the clinic and they "found out", they are going to drop this "service" from his IFSP.

I am here to do what is best for Luke and if having OT at Frank's office is the best possible therapy for him...that's what I am going to have happen...end of story.  I could list all the ways, the reasons, the research, etc. (and I will, they don't call me the Documentation Queen for nothing)  but right now isn't the time.  I am choosing not to fight this battle right now, because I have too many other irons in the fire.  If I diverted my attention to deal with this little problem, I would lose sight of what is really important right now and that is my time and energy.  Right now my time and energy is best spent with my family and getting ready for our big trip to the KCC.  I am keeping my eye on the prize :)

In reality, it is almost the end of the year and we are not near the 40 session limit because we just started OT in October (which is a whole 'nother subject in itself). 

But don't fret, we will revisit this at our BIG 6 month IFSP meeting, the one that will be at our place and on our terms with lots of special guests.  ;)

Ok~so back to the good stuff~today~We get to go to the college and watch Luke's therapy "behind the glass".  This will be special because we don't always take him (Suggie usually gets this honor) and Maggie gets to come with us because she is off from school, too. 
After VSU, we are heading back home for our private SL therapy with Mrs. Casey.  Luke loves Mrs. Casey and she loves him.  This is a picture of them at our church Fall Festival.
Getting all of our our therapies~or at least some of them~in this week (because of the holiday) is going to be difficult.  But with a little manuevering and a pinch of flexiblity, I think we can do this.  In fact, I know we can.
Just like I know I will have my "game" face on when the EI people arrive at 11:00.  Here we go~

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