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Friday, November 19, 2010

Nothing is Impossible with God! ~ Luke 1:37

Remember when I posted the Prayer Request about the grant being decided on?  So many of you responded as I knew that you would.  Luke 1:37 says that Nothing is Impossible with God.  I am seeing that His Hand is in every step of this journey.  I was reminded of this by a friend, who said how awesome it was to see God's hand in all of this.  And it is...truly and absolutely awesome.  God has truly blessed this trip from the beginning, He mapped out this plan long before I made it my mission.

Prayer Warriors Rejoice

We received word from The Christian Fund for the Disabled that we will be receiving a matching grant.

CFD is a modest grant program administered by Joni and Friends. CFD provides one-time grants to qualifying individuals in cooperation with (i.e., endorsement by) churches or Christian organizations. Requests must reflect a disability-related need. It is beneficial for the applicant to receive matching funds from their endorsing organization. Grants are also available to evangelical churches and organizations that need help to effectively minister to those affected by disability, or that wish to start or expand disability ministry or make their facilities more accessible.


This grant will match what was already pledged by our church.  First United Methodist Church of Valdosta set up a fund specifically for Luke Tarpley's therapies.  This includes the therapies that he will receive from Nancy Kaufman and staff at the Kaufman Children's Center.

We are BLOWN AWAY by the help and support that we have received from everyone :)  Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. 

I hope that one day I can help others the way that we have been helped.  I believe that we are doing a small part by getting the word out.  I have been contacted by numerous people praising our efforts and encouraging me to keep writing.  Some have said that this blog has helped them find strength to continue their own fights.  It has even enlightened some readers. 

It is my wish that some child will receive the earliest of interventions because my words spoke to their family.  I believe that my (God given) grant writing talents will one day assist others in obtaining the best therapies for their children. 

While we know that this is just the beginning for Luke and his intense, specialized therapy; we also know that we can do it with God.  He has truly made this happen.  Keep your prayers coming~I know that He will continue to amaze us.

Through Him, With Him and In Him   ~   His Will...Will Be Done!

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