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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too Good To Be True?

Can it be too good to be true?  I am certainly thinking so. 

Somebody is either going to wake me up soon or someone's up to something.

I know I should have a better outlook, but seriously~why would the early intervention people have been so nice on Monday?  It's not like they just came to their senses and said, "Hey, let's quit giving this mom grief and give her the help she needs for her child."  Or is it?

So, here is a run down of Monday~we went to speech at VSU with Miss Jamie and Luke did pretty well.  Maggie, Brad and I got to watch behind the glass and giggle at our little man.  He is so funny, comical at times~especially when playing the harmonica and pretending like a lion puppet is playing the harmonica.  I wish we would have video taped it.  Too cute! 

We completed a survey/test (REEP, I think?!?) today at the university clinic that basically told us what we already know, but reaffirmed that Luke is very high in his receptive language and still weak in expressive language.  As we were leaving though, he suprised us all by yelling out "Jamie" (clear as day)...so clear that I didn't believe he had said it!

Second therapy was with our private SLP at our home.  Mrs. Casey usually comes to my parent's home during the week, so this was a treat for us and for her. 

She was totally impressed by the amount of materials that we have (all over the place) in our home.  I was totally impressed that we had actually cleaned up the living room, sun room, dining room, kitchen and Luke's bedroom. 

We no longer looked like we could be on Hoarders: Buried Alive!  (LOL)  :)  I really should have taken pictures, because if you know me...this cannot last~!!!

Luke said a couple of words already in his vocabulary and he also said help~YAY LUKE!!!  When he said it, we both said yes, help and then looked at each other and started cheering. 

I have a friend who just shared with me that at the STAR center (the team) told her that anyone who works with your child should absolutely, positively want to eat your kid up with a spoon :)  (totally paraphrasing~but you get the idea)  They should think that your kid is the cutest, most precious thing on this earth~and if you have that...you have the right people working on your team.

We are so blessed to have those "eat him up with a spoon" kind of therapists on TEAM LUKE! 

So, back to the EI service coordinator and early intervention specialist visit...it went well, and that is why I think this was too good to be true.

I failed to mention that this meeting took 2 whole hours~during which someone called with questions about a grant that I had applied for.  My dear husband thought he was doing us a big favor by handling it...or at least he thought he did...he told them to call me back.

He didn't find out who they were or get a call back number, but he was so proud that he knew it was for a grant~and he knew that it was a good sign that they were contacting us.  (Bless his heart) 

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