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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 3

Luke had a FANTASTIC day at the KCC!!!


He loved working with Jason this morning in OT and he even tolerated the ace bandages~these were wrapped around his hip region to turn his hips inward. They did help him, so we will look at possibly kinesio taping him during therapy sessions or possibly fitting him for a theratog suit. (I like the idea of the suit better for numerous reasons, but we will see what they advise us to do tomorrow at our last consult).


Luke's sessions with Nancy were AWESOME! So awesome that she said that these were the tapes we should show our therapists at home. He said all kinds of things during therapy~some examples are

"I ride bike"
"I drink water" which was more like I dink wawa~but hey~they are words now :)
"I eat cookie"
"I eat bananas"
"I hug baby"
"I pop bubbles"

Luke also worked on words/sounds like:
baa baa
woof woof
boo boo
moo moo
tee tee
peep peep

and words like:

and demands like:
up here
pop out
I want this
open door

I am simply AMAZED by all of this and just hope that we can keep it going once we leave. It is a magical time for us~Luke is getting to experience life as an only child and getting therapy from the masters. (In fact, 2 professionals asked to watch our sessions today and I also signed off for Luke's tapes to be used in Nancy's lecturing and teaching tools)

I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers to get us here and for your prayers while we were here. It has meant the world to us and I know that it has helped us get this far. I encourage you to continue to pray for us and to pray for all of the other children that we have seen and met at the Kaufman Children's Center. There are so many children that are struggling with speech and sensory processing disorders. I am simply astounded by the number of young children with special needs. Please keep them in your prayers, too.

Tomorrow brings more therapy, consultations and goodbyes. :)
We cannot wait to get home and share what we have learned with others.

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