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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4 Final Day~Pieces to the Puzzle

Today was great. We had some really good therapies, especially with Ms. Nancy. At the beginning of the session, Luke even said the names of half of his word cards by himself with no prompting. I am simply amazed by all that was accomplished in so little time.

Which reminds me that it is the quality of therapy and not the quantity. Our consultations were great. Jason gave us a home plan of therapy for OT, which is spelled out for us. I was trying to take notes and he stopped me and said, I am going to give you a step by step guide for all of this (and he really did). I guess I am just not as trusting as I should be and still anxious~probably because of all that we have been through to get here.

Nancy reminded me not to be as anxious and that Luke is going to be fine. She is impressed by my tenaciousness and how tenacious Luke is~she said that she wants to keep in close contact and see his progress via video if possible. She also was pleased that we are planning to come back in the spring for a "tune up". She added Luke to the summer program list~there are 2 camps and they run for 3 weeks a piece. Most people just do one of the camps because they are so expensive. We are just excited to be approved and added to the list~next comes funding it ;)

We will get the entire evaluations and video tapes in a few weeks, but until then~we have a definite home plan of therapy for both OT and Speech. I also have Nancy's new DVDs that she just came out with to train other SLPs with her KSLP methods.

It was a bittersweet day~we met lots of new people at the Kaufman Children's Center~lots of moms, lots of kids and lots of OUTSTANDING therapists...and in the 4 days we were here, we grew to care about all of them. It is hard not to develop feelings for people that "get" you, your child and what you are going through. It is difficult not to be happy to leave, but saddened that you can't take all of them with you.

I was reminded about forgiveness again today~

I got a call from our pediatrician (on my cell after our wonderful morning of therapies and conferences).

He was calling to check on us and also calling to find out the name of the center that we were at in Michigan. He has another patient who is displaying some of the same symptoms that Luke displayed before the age of two and he wanted to give the mother this information. That was HUGE to me~!

We may have been through ALOT, but we may also be able to help others because of all of this.

I told him that I was sorry for how ugly I had been. He said that it was ok and was very sincere...the bottom line for him was that I was trying to be the best mother I could be and that I stopped at nothing to get help for my son...he said that he understood my frustration and didn't hold it against me or against Luke. At the end of the day, he said~I am supposed to be Luke's biggest advocate. He gets me~he gets my plight!

I think all of this makes me go back to what has been weighing heavy on my heart.

It has to do with forgiveness.

More than once this week I was lead to scriptures that talked about forgiveness and forgiving others. I believe that I must reliquish all the pain and bitterness I have been holding against others that have harmed Luke and held back his progress. I must let go of the anger that I have against those who questioned my motives and questioned why I wanted a diagnosis.

This is no easy task, but I must do this in order to move on.

It takes up alot of my time and energy to hold on to such bad feelings and ill will~so I pray that I can forgive and hopefully forget the wrong doings.

All the things that we went through to get to this point, just makes getting all the puzzle pieces together even sweeter~and to enjoy the victory...I must let go and let God do the rest.

Please continue to pray for Luke, for us, for his therapists, for his doctors and for others with this silent disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech:)

May their voices be heard!

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