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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elfing Others ;)

I can't say that this idea is my own~I actually got the idea from a friend on facebook.  (thanks KB)  She called it playing Santa, but I am renaming it.

The idea goes something like this...find a family that is in need or could use a boost and suprise them with gifts on their doorstep this Christmas. 

We have adopted families before through church angel trees, DFCS, school and Maggie's class...but each time it was done anonymously and although we got alot out of shopping, wrapping and giving the gifts...Maggie didn't get the entire experience. 

She "got" the meaning, the reasons and the feeling~just not the whole deal. 

I think it was because she didn't get to actually see the people's faces light up and experience the excitement of suprising them.  It is one thing to explain how much it means to others, but it is another to actually "see it".

SO, this Christmas...we are going to "elf" some very special people. 

We are planning to get together with another friend and her girls and drive over to their houses with the gifts wrapped up and place them on the doorstep, ring the doorbell or knock and then run.  We hope to make it back to the car in time and be able to see them come to the door. 

(We do this in our neighborhood for Halloween with small treats and call it "booing". 

I am encouraging everyone to do this.  Even if you can't do the entire family and even if it is just a small present...I am hoping that this "elfing others" will catch on. 

It will give Christmas a totally different meaning to you and yours~I promise. 

Now off to get my "elf" on ;)

PS If you are interested in doing this and are in my area, please email me.  maryctarpley@yahoo.com  Unfortunately, there are many people that need help this Christmas.  I can definitely help get you some names, wish lists and addresses.

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