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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gift a Voice


Luke is the next recipient for the Gift a Voice program sponsored by Different Iz Good. 

It seems like Liz just posted this information about DIG on my facebook wall a day or so ago...and immediately I went to work emailing Camilla the Executive Director of DIG.  Who responded back almost in minutes with the words...Did we want Luke to be the next recipient?  Was she serious???  Of course, we would be the 2nd child to receive assistive technology from the Gift a Voice Project! 

What did I need to do? 

I started getting friends on facebook to friend the organization. 

Scott Fisher was the next person I emailed and asked for help (I also facebook emailed Angela McCrary, Scott's girlfriend~just to make sure he got the message). 

Could he possibly cut the video of Luke down to about a minute and take the text out so that Different Iz Good could use it?  I had already asked so much of him, but like the trooper he is and the great friends/family both he and Ang have become to us, they answered YES, anything for Luke! 

So, because of all of this...our Luke will be getting  an assistive technology device with special applications.  The applications on the device will help him to communicate.  :) 

*BTW I was supposed to be helping Liz find grants and information for her son, but instead she ended up finding something that could help Luke.  I thanked her profusely~and she restated that it was a GOD THING~and it certainly was.  God brought us back in contact with each other. 

We are over the MOON with the news!!!  This will definitely help lessen Luke's frustration with getting the words out (when he can't produce them by himself). 

God is GOOD!  His blessings are plenty.  We are truly grateful.

Please take a minute to think about any old phones, MP3s, cell phone parts, accessories or batteries you may have around the house~gather them together and let me know.  I will get them from you to ship or get you the shipping information.

~Did Santa bring anyone a new mobile phone, MP3 or tablet reader for Christmas?Different Iz Good especially likes iPhones and iPod Touches for using with the Gift a Voice Project; but they will take ANY device as they can trade it in for useable devices! {or if you'd like to play Santa to their next recipient, Luke, you can donate a new device too!} Thanks y'all - please share with your online communities (facebook, blogs, twitter, myspace, etc.)

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