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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am what I am~Take it or Leave it ;)

I have shared this blog with many, many, many people.  So many so that I forget who I shared it with.  So, I guess this is written as a disclaimer for the upcoming post.  ;) 

I am sure there are lots of adjectives out there in which to describe me. 

I am a...










Part time SLP, OT and PT ;) (not really, but someone should give me a degree for the amount of hours I log in weekly doing therapy)

Drama Queen.

Party Planner.

Grant Writer.

Fund Raiser.

a Giver.


and also a Rottweiler~especially when it comes to my family.

I am...

and Tender Hearted.

I have been called concrete-a-la-tete' (cajun french for hard headed)~
I like to see both sides of an issue, though.
I am a perfectionist. 
I don't like to meet standards, I strive to exceed them.
I am pretty organized.
I am a pathological picture taker.
I facebook
and I blog.

I am also a parent at my whit's end!

Frustrated, honestly doesn't seem to do my feelings justice.  I am beyond frustrated.  I am truly done with all of this. 

I loathe the health care system.  I can't stand health insurance companies, especially mine~United Health Care.

I should not have to beg, fight, plead, cry, beg again, and cry some more for the help that my child needs.  This isn't a want, it is a need! 

Every waking and slumbering moment of my life should not be filled with worry.

This is my child's future, my son's life and I will not be silenced. 
I will not SHUT UP!
I will speak for him until he can speak for himself. 

I will always stand up for what I believe in, especially injustice!

I will not apologize for my opinions or my beliefs.  Never have, never will.  And you can take that however you want to take it~it is the truth. 

~Next up...6 month review with Early Intervention Agency meeting post

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