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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making Connections~Making It Happen

It has been CRAZY BUSY since we landed back home from our big trip.

We were greeted at the airport by cheers for Luke and all of his progress. Then, we hustled to Maggie's school to suprise her. Luke was so excited to see his sister. They have an awesome connection. She took him around the playground with all of her friends. If he wasn't so little, he would have blended in with the rest of the second graders ;)

Maggie was super impressed with some of the new words that Luke said. She was so proud of him, as are we.

This little man is making connections. I can see it happening and more than ever~I can see why he does some of the things that he does. Before our trip, I wondered why he kept putting things in his mouth, why he pinched so hard and was so clumsy. Now I know why and how I can help.

Having this knowledge is everything. It makes all the difference.

Many have asked exactly what was so revolutionary about the treatment at the KCC which has gotten me thinking. And I am still thinking...how can we recreate what happens there, here in Valdosta?

I really need to take a few days off to start orchestrating all of this therapy and training with their methods, but cannot afford to take any more days off right now. My students need me back in my classroom and I need to share all of this new information I have learned with others.

I hope to be able to "get it all done" at lunch and after school. We'll see :)

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