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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monetizing, Fundraising, and Prayers

I really didn't want to cave and do it, but honestly~how can I resist the free money?  Money that could be used towards Luke's therapy ;) 

I keep being reminded daily that God will provide.  He certainly does...in some strange and unusual ways, but He is faithful. 

I added Adsense to my blog when we returned from Michigan at the urging of my husband.  He said, if you are going to blog about it~why not make a few pennies, too?  I clicked a few buttons and the ads appeared on my blog.  They didn't bother me as bad as I thought they would.  And now that I see that we have already earned a $13 for the month of December...the ads will stay.

I really wish I would have done it from the start~because we had SO many hits leading up to the trip to the KCC and when we were there. 

I am still amazed that...

~so many people read our blog (we have had over 5,500 hits since November)
~we have been able to help others through this blog
~how many people have been touched by me sharing our story
~how much support and how many prayers have been offered, all for Luke

Thank you.  I am so thankful for our readers and for being able to write~it has been such therapy to get it out there and has been so helpful in keeping others informed about Luke's diagnosis and progress.

Please keep reading and please keep praying.

And because some people like to specifics for their prayers...you can specifically pray for..

~Luke's voice to be unlocked
~Katie Beckett Waiver to be approved
~Friends of a Man Grant to be funded
~Small Steps In Speech Board to approve funding
~Unlocking Luke's Voice GiveForward Fundraiser
~Different Iz Good application
~Strength and wisdom to continue advocating for Luke
~Patience ;)

1 comment:

Mommy Square said...

Unfortunately, we have never made a dime with adsense. ;(