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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Roller Coaster is Making Me Sick

I emotionally cannot take another spin on this roller coaster called "my life" right now.  I had geared up for a battle this morning with Babies Can't Wait and ended up having a miagrane.  We did get them to agree to ask for 1 more ST per week (they will ask the coaching team for the addition and will most likely be denied) and to add OT back to the IFSP, they had dropped it because we were taking Luke to the clinic instead of having it done in the home.  (this is a big NO-NO in early intervention)

This is my problem.  Who am I supposed to be angry with?  Who is really responsible for all of this red tape?  If someone could just tell me who is responsible...then I could take it out on them.

I did get someone to finally answer my question.  It is basically Babies Can't Wait in Atlanta that sends down these orders.  They do this because the state of Georgia that has cut back so much.  They are now doing something called the "coaching model".  I see this as just another name for the same thing~alot like the pyramid of intervention~more meetings and less being done to help children~period!

The state of Georgia should just rename Babies Can't Wait~Babies DO Wait!  (Is anyone else scared about what services the poor and uneducated are getting for their kids?)

So, we had the meeting and thought that we had made a step forward, only to find out hours later via phone call that it wasn't possible.  See~we had added OT back to the IFSP, but with a different provider and I was informed that insurance will not allow this to happen.  They won't pay 2 providers for OT, just 1.  So, I had to choose.

Here we go again~our lovely health care system.

I can't give my son the expert help that he needs.

All of this makes me just want to quit, give up and walk away from it all~but you cannot run from adversity.  We will just have to find a way.

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Graycat said...

Hang in ther! Yes, this does concern me about services not available for the poor! What kind of a society are we creating?