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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wiped Out!

Today was hard~getting back into the groove with school and trying to get all of this therapy organized has been a task in itself.  I am still tying up loose ends on the Katie Beckett Waiver that we are applying for and for a couple of grants that are pending. 

I definitely DON'T feel like the superwoman that some of you think I am ;)  but I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts.  It is often the wind beneath my wings.  I think God has placed each and every one of you in our lives for a reason, in fact, I am sure of it.

I keep thinking back to our time at the KCC and how special it was for all of us~especially Luke.  We just realized that this was the first time that he had our undivided attention and didn't have to share his time with Maggie.  Although his sister is his best friend, he enjoyed having us all to himself and we enjoyed relearning who Luke is.  It is amazing how much we knew about him, but how much was answered by these specialists about why he did some of the things he did.  Of course, he is two and is going through the typical two year old things like testing his boundaries and seeing how far he can push the limits~but their findings provided us with insight and has allowed us to refocus on what is best for Luke.

He did really well in speech therapy today for his SLP.  He named 20 of his 30 word cards that I made for him.  :)  Go, Lukie~Go!!!

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