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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aggrivated ~ !!!

I am so aggrivated with the neurologist that was supposed to finally submit the diagnosis to insurance.  We waited close to 2 hours to see him on the sixth of January and he just submitted his diagnosis and get what he submitted as the code...seizures and epilepsy!!! 

What in the world?

Thank the Lord that we don't have epilepsy or seizures! 

I have been calling two or three times a week and checking on it with insurance, because if not~I would have just trusted that he did the right thing.

I would not have a job if I made as many mistakes as this guy has.

And all the while, he is getting paid by insurance and me (with co-pays and deductibles) and we are still not getting our therapies covered by insurance.

I am beyond ticked! 

And to make matters worse, I got a bill from OT today~seems like they have gone up on our co-pays ;( and not just a little. I am hoping and praying that it is just a mistake.

1 comment:

rsallen said...

I'm so sorry MC!! You need me to stalk and terrorize this idiot??? J/K......sort of(;