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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Announcing The Lindsay Foundation Grant ;)

So~Now that we are public again~Let me share the great news with you...

We applied and received a grant from the Lindsay Foundation that will fund Luke's private speech therapy for the next 3 months.

This means that he will start having speech therapy 5 times per week, something that I have dreamed about since realizing that he was really Apraxic this summer.

I posted on facebook that Our God is An AWESOME God~and I was actually singing it as I posted~

Because He is~

~He has been so good to us through this journey.

~He constantly opens doors when others are shut.

~He provides alternate routes when we hit those roadblocks. I am so thankful!

And although I am rejoicing in our joy, I am also reminded of the mother that founded the Lindsay Foundation. 

I had the priviledge of speaking to Laurie at length this weekend and again when she called to deliver the good news~and I am in awe of her strength, her accomplishments, and of her love and devotion to her daughter.

Lindsay would be 27 this year.  How awesome is it that she has kept Lindsay's memory alive through helping other children!?!  What better way to honor Lindsay's life than to support others in their struggles with medical services and therapy.  http://lindsayfoundation.org/

Laurie will now be another member of our family, another remarkable person that we have met and all because of this disorder called Apraxia.

I hope that we can eventually start our own non profit and help others like we have been helped.  It is my dream to "pay it forward".  Stay tuned~it is definitely in the works...

1 comment:

Mommy Square said...

Laurie (Lindsay's mom) reminded me of this and she is so right~ She wrote:

Thanks so much for your kind words. But, don't credit me, credit Lindsay. I am who I am because of her.

AMEN~Thank you Lindsay!