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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another UGH day that ended in a laugh ;)

Another day of calling insurance, doctors and therapists on my breaks (which are very few).  I found out that OT was correct with their billing. 

We owe them the full amount until we reach our deductible ;( and our deductible went up.

It seems like as soon as we get a leg up on this ladder, we are pushed back again.

I also paid a visit to our neurologist's office.  I called several times, as did insurance, and left a few voicemails.  When I didn't hear back from them after 24 hours, I just dropped in.  They (like they always do) explain that it was someone else's fault and, of course, that person wasn't in. 

I left another message for them to recode Luke's diagnosis. 

I also revisited the records dept. and let them know that I had requested Luke's records 3 times already and still hadn't received them.  They looked it up and supposedly the company that they use says that they completed this request a week ago, so I have to wait and see if it arrives in the mail today.  If not, I have to call some 1-800 number and request them again. 

When I got home, I was tired, really spent. 

And then Brad came in with the kids~Maggie was all excited about the 100th day of school coming up and Luke had just yelled Mama, Mama at a mannequin in the mall dressed in lingerie.

Now that was a great end to an UGH kind of day ;)

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