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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Lord~Prayer from a friend

Elizabeth Owens Steedley posts on facebook in her status: How can I pray for you today?  It is the most powerful post and what happens from it is even more powerful. 
I asked her to pray for Luke and for all that is going on with the pending grants and fundraising.  
She shared her prayer with me and I just couldn't stop reading and rereading it.  It is one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever read. 
My favorite part is the end~I bolded it.  It reminds me of what I keep saying...what a testimony Luke will have when he does speak! 
Here is the prayer~ 
Dear Lord,
I thank you for Mary and for the opportunity to pray for Luke.
Lord, I thank you for the progress that has been made so far in his treatment.
I pray that you will continue to put the people in his path that are needed to unlock his voice.
I pray for wisdom for those treating him and that they would find new and imaginative ways to care for Luke.
Lord, I pray for the Tarpley's as they face the mounting financial burden of this undertaking.
I pray that you will open the windows of Heaven and that blessings will fall upon them.
I pray that they will be amazed by the grants and financial blessings that are afforded to them.
I pray for blessings upon Mary, Brad, Maggie & Luke and that through this, they would draw closer to each other and closer to you.
I pray that we will hear from Luke's very own voice the Praise and Glory that YOU deserve for the miracle that is happening in their lives.
In Jesus' Name.


dotcomkari said...

oh that is beautiful!

Mommy Square said...

Thanks~I just had to share it! ;)

Liz said...

Chill bumps..:)

Mommy Square said...

Thanks Liz~the catholic in me says just change some of the words and the names and it can be your prayer, too. I was so touched by it.