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Monday, January 31, 2011

Friends Of Man !!!

I applied for the Friends Of Man grant back in December and let me tell you...this was not an easy grant to get. 

If you recall me "stalking"a certain neurologist before Christmas and complaining about having to pay $25 for his signature~this would be the grant that it was for. 

Well, with ALOT of
phone calls,
late nights,
skipped lunches,
prayer requests,
and help/support, from Tiffany Johnston Sparks at Walton Options. 

I am pleased to announce that we will be receiving a grant to fund therapy at the Kaufman Children's Center and Kaufman KSLP materials through Friends Of A Man.


Now~this is why I went ahead and announced The Olive You Foundation before we were fully functional because even though I don't have the money that I would love to be able to give everyone that needs speech therapy and communicative devices for their non verbal children~I can offer them hope and I can offer them advice.  I can also share the knowledge that I have about grant writing. 

It isn't rocket science, but it can be difficult~and oh, so worth it. 

I already helped some people with various questions this weekend.  YIPEE!!!  Go ME!!!

I sent out few emails directing them in the right direction and posted a few suggestions~and it totally validated The Olive You Foundation~to give back and to help others like we have been helped.

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