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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going Back Public

It was with a heavy heart that I went private with our blog in the first place. 

There have been so many people that I have helped through this blog~and now that we are "in the clear" with having services for the next 3 months~I am going back public. 

It is so therapeutic after a long and hard day, to sit down and blog about it.  I guess I have always been a writer of sorts, scribbling in a journal~my dad has kept a journal for years.  And I must say...it rubbed off on me and on my Maggie.  She, too, journals and just asked to start her own blog.  She is also working on a book :) about having an Apraxic brother. 

That's my girl~

PS Luke said No More yesterday! 2 words~nevermind that he was sassing us~TWO WORDS!!!

That's my boy ;)

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