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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going Private

I hate that I am having to go private with the blog, but because I put everything on the line and am as honest and as blunt as I am...it is a definite liability. 

When I met with our service coordinator on Friday to sign the paperwork to add an extra speech session (making 3 per week from EI), I realized that she was questioning me about what we were doing in addition~almost hinting that if we were doing more (privately) they wouldn't be able to give us this additional segment. 

It was then that I knew I had to either delete the blog (certain posts) or make it private. 

I must do this extra step in order to protect the services that we have fought so hard for. 

If you remember correctly, when BCW found out that we were doing occupational therapy in the clinic setting, they took it away from us through their agency and made us get it privately through our health insurance. 

Our insurance, United Healthcare, only provides 40 occupational therapies per year. 

If that happened to speech~it would all be out of pocket (as insurance still has it coded as a developmental delay, even though we have a diagnosis of congenital anomaly) and it would be detrimental to Luke's progress.

I thought long and hard about going private with the blog because
~the more people that know about apraxia, the better
~the more people praying, the better
~the more people rejoicing in our Luke's progress, the better
~the more people getting information and help through our struggle could lessen others struggles
~the amount of people that have already been touched by the blog is HUGE and I feel lead to share this journey with others

This is why I was torn~going back and forth with the idea of going private~ultimately going private and then going back to public and then back to private.  I did delete and edit a few of my past posts...continue reading, following, praying, and cheering as we continue our journey. 


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