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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Isn't it IRONIC?

Isn't it IRONIC, don't ya think?  A little too IRONIC, don't ya think? 
And yes...it did rain on my wedding day.

I find it IRONIC that UHC denies my child's speech therapy, but then has their own non profit organization that gives grants to those with any private health insurance that isn't funding medical treatment or therapy for their children. 

I know, you are scratching your head, too~right? 

Let me repeat, ANY person who has private health insurance that is NOT paying for their child's medical or theraputic treatments can apply for UHC medical/therapy grants. 

There are catches and of course, the main one is income.  Basically if you invested in your education, have a job and contribute to society~you are out of luck!

Honestly, I really think that it may be better for me to sit at home and draw a check for disability~because by now I am feeling a little mentally unstable...LOL!!!  I could also get a disability check for Luke then and have a shot at Medicaid and LOTS more grants.  I would also be able to be present for all of his therapies...hmmm, sounds like an idea! 

*SIDEBAR~United Healthcare once transferred me to Mental Health when I was ranting about them not paying for Luke's speech therapy.  ;)  I told Nequita, the operator that they had transferred me to all about the company that she worked for and how they were making deals with the devil.  She would have probably agreed with me, but of course the conversations could be taped~and she was worried about keeping her job.  Before she transferred me back to the medical side of UHC, I made sure she knew that UHC was Satan!

Before I get too carried away, I am trying to not only vent on this blog, but to also assist others~so here is the information for those who want and need it.  I hope that someone can benefit from the HIGH premiums that we pay.


Below is the UHC grant checklist~yep, alot of hoops to jump through~but most grants are.

United Healthcare Grant Application - Checklist

•Your child's social security number.

•Name, phone number and policy number of your child's current commercial health benefit plan. Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP (which may be called various names by each state), HIS or other state or federally subsidized health insurance programs given to those without insurance or with low incomes are not eligible.

•A brief description of your child's medical condition(s).

•A description of the medical treatment, medical therapy, etc. your child's doctor has specifically prescribed. You can list up to five medical items in the application.

•Your monthly or one-time out of pocket cost of the medical treatment, medical therapy, etc. Out of pocket cost information should be what you pay after insurance, OR what you pay if insurance does not cover the item. If you do not know your monthly or one-time out of pocket cost information, please work with your provider and insurance company to determine your out of pocket cost. Do not overestimate your costs.

•How much of the cost, if any, your health insurance will help pay for.

•The child's primary care medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.) name, phone number and mailing address.

•An outline of your finances - monthly income, monthly expenses and total assets (bank accounts, investments, 401(k), etc.).

•The Foundation will request that some paper work be sent to us via mail at the end of the online application. We will ask for:

◦A one-page letter from an M.D. or D.O. that very clearly answers the following questions:

■What is the child's specific medical condition(s)?

■What specific impact does the child’s medical condition(s) have on the child’s life? (This may include medical, social, mental, etc.)

■What specific therapy, treatment and/or medical services does the doctor recommend?

■Why does the doctor recommend these?

■Has the child received the therapy, treatment and/or medical services before? If yes, have they been effective?

■What result does the doctor hope to achieve with this therapy, treatment and/or medical services?

◦Your IRS 1040 from the previous tax year that specifically lists your child as a dependent.

◦If you are requesting help with anything that your insurance company will not cover at all (0%), we will ask for proof. Proof will be a letter from your commercial health insurance company, or a copy of your benefits handbook that clearly states what is not covered, or an EOB, dated within the last sixty days, that shows what is not covered.

•The Foundation may also request additional information from you after the application is submitted.

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