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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loud Mommies

I didn't sleep that well last night~neither did Luke.  So after he asked for another "baba"~and he went back to sleep, I went online and guess what I stumbled upon....?


In walks my husband and he starts reading over my shoulder and then came he busted out with...you sure have found the perfect site ;)

Yep, I am a LOUD MOMMY, especially when I need to advocate for my children!

http://www.loudmommy.com/ is a new website that is dedicated to helping autistic and apraxic kids obtain iPads and applications. 

This site is dedicated to mommies and all the trials, tribulations and triumphs we have as mothers to "differently-abled" children. 

Please go by the website and check it out.  It was just launched at the first of the year.  The cool part about it is that she blogs and invites guest bloggers to contribute posts.  It just goes to show you what one loud mommy can do when she puts her mind to it~

If you would like more information and an application, please go to http://loudmommy.com/apply/

And from one loud mommy to another~I wish them the best of luck!!!

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