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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Our Way~

Making Our Way...Through the Red Tape and Paperwork~

I really feel like I have checked and crossed off TONS of things on my 'To Do' list.  So much so, that I feel compelled to post the list or at least tell you what is crossed off~

1. Faxed my complaint letter to United Healthcare.

2. Called UHC and spent all morning on the phone with various departments tracking    down some information.  Gained some valuable tips from a guy about some of our benefits~more on this later.  Told him at the end of our convo that he was an angel working for the devil~yep, you know I did!

3. Called Tifton DFCS and found out that our Katie Beckett Waiver is listed as 'pending'.

4. Followed up on the KBW and found out that our caseworker is in Irwin County.  I contacted her and completed our phone interview today (where they just wanted to be sure that Luke didn't own any farm animals or agricultural land~seriously, that was one of the questions). 

5. Faxed a copy of our insurance card and one signed document to our caseworker~who then said our file was ready to be sent to Atlanta for the final review.  We have made it this far, so continue praying that this waiver comes through.  It would give us Medicaid coverage for Luke.  (We will have to reapply every year until 18 if needed, but it would be a HUGE benefit)

6. Opened 3 letters from UHC denying the faxed letter that I sent  ;(

7. Emailed and checked on the grants that we have 'pending'.

8. Called and checked on the status of requested medical records from various doctors at our pediatrician's office~verified that they had been been received and scanned in December.

9. Left 2 messages at pediatrician's office and spoke to someone about him recoding because they now had records from neurologist and geneticist~holding my breath to hear back from them....

10. Verified appointment with neurologist for TOMORROW~yep, this is the same one that I stalked before Christmas and also still charged me $25 for his signature~!!!

11. Made, confirmed and rescheduled LOTS of therapys for this week ;)  We have a new play therapist who I will meet on Friday for a conference BEFORE she ever works with my baby.  (if you don't get this one, go back to the You're Fired post)

12. Called and filled Service Coordinator at Babies Can't Wait (insert belly laugh from Kim Grace-Brez) in on what we have in the works.

13. Emailed back and forth with SLP about our request for adding another speech session (this would make it 3 from BCW and 2 private).  With a little help and collaboration, we came up with a pretty convincing write up...if I do say so myself.  I was reminded that they will probably not give this to us, but would make suggestions for the SLP to try.  They meet next week~so prayer warriors...please pray that the coaching team has empathy and makes the right decision for Luke.

14. Talked to WarriorTherapyMom last night for over an hour (bless your heart). I know she probably thought I was a stalker at first for contacting her, but felt better when I found out that she had reached out to other bloggers, too.  We shared some awesome conversation.  I am so thankful for her message of hope.

15. Networked with some people and places about recycling phones for Different Iz Good's Gift a Voice Project and mailed our first package of donated phones to DIG!

16. Successfully acquired a new DROID cell phone for free~now the bad news, the KIN studio is closing and I will lose all of my pictures on my old phone and they couldn't transfer any of my contacts on my KIN :(

17. Signed a fabulous report card and gifted/talented report for a spectacular girl that I am so proud of.

18. Started a new list of things to do for tomorrow...and now I break into song...Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya...Tomorrow...you're only a day away.

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