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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Phone Call

My heart went into my throat when my phone rang today and it said...Babies Can't Wait~

All I could think was...here we go again. 

I am grateful that it was just them calling to schedule a time for us to sign all the paperwork for the additional speech segment.  She also asked me what school system we would be sending Luke to because she was going to start working on setting up a "transition" meeting with them in March.  I guess this is where we get to sit down with the school system and they get to tell us what they can offer us in the form of therapy and education. 

WOW...Could it really be that we have almost been doing all of this for 8 months already?  It seems like yesterday when I first heard the words APRAXIA and was asked if I had ever heard of it.  Now I can spell it backwards, plus regurgitate all sorts of random information and research on the topic. 

Luke has grown alot along the way...from the attention span of a gnat...to being able to enjoy a television show and an entire book ;)

He has gone from no sounds to practicing sounds during play.

He used to not be able to imitate or repeat a sound or word, but now he makes an effort.

He is using sign in combination with some approximations now.

His strength and balance have improved, too.

There's still alot more to this journey, but we have come a LONG way...

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