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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poor Baby

Poor Baby Luke is sick ;(
It makes me so sad when he is hurting and I can't help him.

He is so good and even told my mom today when he puked and she was cleaning up...Me help!

He didn't get to have therapy yesterday or today because of him not feeling well. 

Today we signed the papers with Babies Can't Wait to start having our 3 speech therapies from them through Amy Struble of Keystone Therapy.  Amy will also continue doing the private therapy 2 times per week.  Our private therapy is going to be funded through a gracious grant from The Lindsay Foundation for the next 3 months.

I am beyond ecstatic over this.  Can't you tell~I can't stop blogging about it! 

I just know what this consistency will mean to Luke.  Over and over again in reading and researching Apraxia I kept seeing how frequency and repetition is so important.  Now we will have all three~consistency, frequency and repetition. 

Stay tuned...big things are going to be happening ;)

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