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Thursday, January 6, 2011

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

            Doesn't Luke look like the kid from A Christmas Story, but way cuter? ;)

The title of this entry is You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid~because I had to suck it up and hold my anger in today, all so that I wouldn't shoot my eye out!

My mom reminded me as we went on hour 2 of waiting in the doctor's tiny office for the neurologist to see us, that I needed to keep my eye on the prize. (the prize being the final outcome that this office visit would bring)

We have been subjecting Luke to all of this testing (blood tests, EEGs, attempted MRIs) for over 4 months now, all in order to receive a diagnosis that would happen today. We knew what it would be. Congenital anomaly~which would now mean insurance would have to pay for 40 of Luke's speech therapies.
Sounds great, huh? But to put this in perspective for you...40 speech therapies would last us less than 3 months.
Now back to the story, I had to hold in the hostility from the extremely long wait, the disgust with him seeing people who had appointments after us before us, the outrage that this "jackleg" had the nerve to keep charging me ridiculous amounts for 5 minutes of his time and less than 20 seconds for his signature (but that costs $25 per piece of paper), the anguish that I had left my job again to come to this appointment, the frustration that the waiting room was filled with people riding our system with disability and unemployment, and the sadness that my little man had to be told that he couldn't go "ome" when he was crying and pleading to just go and take his nap.

I put this all on the back burner and just grimaced when he came in and said "Good Morning"

Seriously...did he really say good morning?

I held it in and focused on the hoop that we needed to get through. The correct diagnosis and code. When he started to try to copy what I was saying that we needed for insurance down, I gave him my bulleted list. He took it and said that would save him some time and that he would do include those things in his letter to UHC and correctly code the diagnosis as autism and congenitaly anomaly~what? Autism? He totally didn't read Luke's chart. I corrected him and then he read Luke's chart and corrected himself. If I could have gotten him to say autism from the start, we wouldn't still be appealing insurance with all these claims. He only has 1 of the 15 indicators for being in the spectrum of autism, that being lack of speech. DUH?

The doctor told me that he had talked to the doctor with the Friends of a Man grant. He said he explained to him why therapy was needed and that insurance wasn't helping us. He thought that we would get the grant. I wonder if he told him that or if he gave him the correct information about Luke...?

Please pray that the doctor does what he said he was going to do and sends our insurance the correct coding and letter of medical neccessity for the therapies that Luke needs.

Now, I am off to find another neurologist because this guy wants us to come back in 3 months for another appointment and for us to do another MRI~not happening!!!

My eye isn't shot out~but my nerves sure are ;)


Zan_I_Am said...

Three things:

1.) You go.
2.) Do you keep changing this blog, or am I going crazy?
3.) I am SO GLAD I can FINALLY make a comment!!! WHOOHOO!! :)

Mommy Square said...

Zan I Am~

1. I love you!
2. I do keep changing it ;) You are not going crazy!
3. I didn't know you couldn't comment before, but someone did bring it to my attention~sorry!