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Friday, February 18, 2011

Did you know that speech was a luxury?

We heard back from United Healthcare.  They denied our request for speech, again!  They consider speech to be a luxury.  A luxury! 

That totally infuriates me!

I just keep thinking how hard we have to fight to continue getting services and help for Luke. 

Sure we have been blessed by so many people and organizations along the way, and I am in no way forgetting these blessings, but I am ticked.

I am allowed days like this, right?

I just keep thinking...about time lines. 

Our grant from The Lindsay Foundation runs out at the end of March (for the additional 2 speech therapies per week) and so does the Babies Can't Wait extra speech session per week. 

This stresses me out and makes me anxious.  I have to find more funding to keep Luke's therapy going 5 days a week.  Going to therapy 5 days a week with the same therapist has been huge in helping Luke make gains.  And I cannot let him regress. 

Another worry that I have is that I haven't heard back from the Small Steps in Speech grant about changing our dates for the Kaufman Children's Center.  They had approved our April visit, but Nancy had a change in her schedule and we had to reschedule to early June.  I pray that they allow us to keep the grant. 

And then my worries subside.

I have a fun time at gymnastics with my little family, recalling how far Luke has come since October.  He is saying so much more, attempting 2 words sometimes and making lots of sounds.  He is jumping and moving so much better and he is visibly stronger.

And then I open the mailbox and see an unexpected package (from an angel).  The therapy tools that were on our wish list were purchased by her and her organization.

With these tools, Amy will be able to better assist Luke with his tongue placement to make specific sounds.  

I have said it before...but God is Good,

All The Time!!!

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Loni said...

Wow. How did they come up with that? Insurance companies are so impossible!