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Friday, February 4, 2011


WAW~What A Week!!!
Here's a countdown...

10.  This week was our first full week of therapy 5 times
with the same therapist, Amy Struble, of Keystone Therapy. 
Special thanks to the Lindsay Foundation
for making this dream possible.

9.  I can already tell that Luke is "talking" more. 
He is vocalizing, babbling and even voicing sounds
more than ever before.

8.  I was able to reschedule our visit to the Kaufman Children's Center.  We are scheduled to go back at the end of May. 

7.  I also emailed back and forth with Nancy Kaufman this week.  
We plan on videotaping a few of his ST sessions and sending them
to her to see his progression. 

6. We received the first technical denial from our Katie Beckett waiver request.  I gathered notes, letters and documentation, faxed back and forth to therapists and doctors all over the place, and then attempted to fax 80 pages to the state of Georgia...only to hear a busy signal...all day long.

5.  I received a call from an inquiry I had made a while back to Easter Seals/Champions for Children.  We had emailed a few times and she decided to call me. 
She listened and explained what they did, she promised me that
they would help Luke.  She also mailed me information and an application. 
I feel very positive if Katie Beckett doesn't come through
that this will be a good back up plan to fund Luke's therapy in the future.

4.  :(  Luke bit Maggie on the face.
He also slept in his big boy bed, all night long, and
hasn't taken a bottle in almost a week!  ;)

2.  Organized a fundraiser that starts at school
next week called "Valentines for Voices" and signed the paperwork for 
The Olive You Foundation and made it "legit".

1.  Almost ready to send my girl, Maggie, and her sweet daddy to the Father/Daughter dance tomorrow night~what will Luke and I do while they are gone?  LOL!

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