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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Post by Kim Grace-Brezniak

Let's take a minute and talk about what I see as the gifts of Apraxia~

1) I have an incredibly ingenious child who is able to communicate his needs to me without saying an... intelligible word.

2) I have a patient and resilient child who works hard for every single sound he makes and who is sooooo proud when he produces an intelligible word.

3) I have a child with an extraordinarily bright mind who has shown me without words that he has a fantastic receptive language vocabulary and knows his alphabet, shapes and colors at 2.5.

4) I have one of the sweetest, kindest boys you will ever meet who substitutes high fives for hello and kisses for I'm sorry.

5) I have had the honor of spending literally thousands of hours with my child reading books, practicing sounds and just being present.

There are so many more! I am like you and want to control everything including outcomes.

I am coming to realize that we are in a marathon not a sprint and that different is not always "not as good."

I am finally starting to move away from the fears (Will he ever talk? Will he have friends? Will he have a job, a girlfriend? A normal life?) and into the acceptance.

My child has a serious language disorder and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him through.

Just my opinion :) KGB

Thanks so much for allowing others to have a glimpse of what this thing called Apraxia means to us.  You get the Loud Mommy award for the week~Love you bunches!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Beautifully said, Kim. I felt my heart in your words. I too have turned to acceptance but those thoughts of what the future holds do still creep in at times. That is when I turn to God and never give up HOPE. I will never give up on Amanda's Dream to Speak becasue she never gives up either. Thank you for sharing.