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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luke's "talking" NOW!!!

It didn't take Luke very long to make himself at home with his "talker" (BKA an iPhone with a Proloquo2Go application).  He immediately "told" me that he wanted to ride on a bus.  I should have known this and actually do know that he loves all forms of transportation, but to have your non verbal son be able to communicate his wants to you while sitting in your lap...it brings me to tears. 

Later, he pushed the icons on the application to tell us that he wanted a tomato juice smoothie and then burst out laughing.  We did too!  That baby boy LOVES tomatoes!  In fact, he ate one yesterday instead of an apple.  LOL!!!  For him to be able to request what he really wants, instead of us just guessing or trying to interpret is HUGE.  And yes, I made him a tomato juice smoothie...how could I not? 

Before Luke went to sleep, he "told" us Good Night! 
(Something he has never been able to say by himself) 
He then pressed See you Later Alligator~
which made us smile, we say that to him all the time  ;) 

I guess now while I am anticipating what will come out next, what we will learn, what we will discover through this new tool is......how long until he "says"  hush mama?!?

Thank you to the Gift a Voice Project sponsored by Different Iz Good and The Turning Views Foundation.  http://www.differentizgood.org/
and on facebook at Different Iz Good...Spread the Word

Without you, your outreach, your enthusiasm, your dedication, your perseverance, and your inspiration...
none of this would have been possible.  

And this is why I will continue to collect cellphones for you~
long after Luke is talking on his own! 

Please consider donating your smart phone, iPhone, or cell phone when you upgrade...  it could give a voice to someone without.


Mom said...

Hi Mary...congrats on this progress with Luke! how old is Luke? An SLP we are going to see for the first time next month mentioned some electronic devices with special apps to help them "talk" but I wasn't sure about going down this road since Henry (my son with apraxia) is so good at sign language. I need to research it more. Just curious how you ended up going this route...it sounds like it's working great for you!

Mommy Square said...

Hi~thanks for commenting. I did a BUNCH of research and everything pointed in the earlier that you use assistive technology with non verbal children, the better. (the less frustration they show, the less dependent they are on the technology, etc.) We use spoken language (approximations), sign language and now AAC with Luke. He responds and does well with all three right now. All just pieces to the puzzle that will get him to verbalize his wants and needs better.