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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Mouth ;)

A while back I shared about LoudMommy.com and Loud Mommy on facebook. 
This is a one woman show~led by Tara (loud mommy to Grady). 

Read more about Tara here~

When I blogged about Loud Mommy, I didn't know that one day 
Tara and I would have the opportunity to really meet. 

That our family would be brought together by our advocacy for our kiddos~

And that is exactly what will happen this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. 

2 Loud Mommies will be brought together because of their non verbal little boys.

Luke will be receiving an iPad from Loud Mommy and an Otterbox case to protect it, along with giftcards for apps that will help him communicate, grow and learn. 

We are OVER THE MOON with what doors will be opened because of this blessing. 

 Again, we have been blessed beyond measure~
sometimes by complete strangers~
that end up becoming some of our best friends and biggest cheerleaders!

So, Brad thought that it was funny when I stumbled upon Loud Mommy~
joking that it was the perfect site for me...

And he was right!

From this Loud Mommy to others~
Be a Loud Voice in a Silent World!

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