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Friday, April 22, 2011

The DL on Sippy Cups

The Recessed Lid Cup has two handles to help keep hands at midline,
and the recessed lid encourages tongue retraction and improved lip closure.

So, here is the DOWN LOW on the sippy cup saga~

Since going to the Kaufman Children's Center, we learned that Luke has jaw instability

(which may be the cause of him wanting to bite, among other oral motor issues) This can be helped with oral motor therapy.

(We purchased specialized bite blocks, chewy tubes, blow kits, straw kits, and even special sippy cups, etc. to remedy the instability and provide practice)

bite blocks

cut out cup

bubble kit


bear sippy

horn kit


apraxia kit

Now, we completely have Luke off of his bottle (which we can actually thank an illness for helping us with this daunting task).  Luke really loved his bah-bah, and it was one of the only "words" that he had, we are those parents that just didn't see what the big deal was...I mean it is not like he will be driving at 16 and still drinking from his bottle.  I could go off on a tangent about how we are rushing our children along, but will save it for another post. 

Back to the story~Luke is using sippy cups or special training cups to drink from
(sippy cups without the mechanism that keeps the liquid inside).

They claim that the mechanism causes harm to Luke because of the increased amount of sucking and pressure that occurs to get the liquid out.

As soon as I heard this...it made sense.

So, we immediately started using the special cups and then looked for the "old fashioned" type of sippy cups or at least ones where we could remove the mechanism.

Using these cups is a pain, because everything spills so easily~but we have gotten used to it now.

We have also gotten used to incorporating oral motor therapy as much as we can into our daily routines, even in the bathtub!

For information and ordering go to http://www.talktools.com/
(and NO, I am getting no compensation for mentioning their products~I would love to be able to tell you that they gave them to us, or that I wrote a grant for them~but NO, not this time!)  LOL!!!

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