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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Facebook~Status Update

Some people make fun of facebook and the people who post on it~
and I will admit that I am one of those people who probably posts TMI;

But my point of this post, isn't to rag on those people that post what they ate, what they did, where they went and who they went with~

It is to talk about the connections that can be made through facebook and what those connections have meant to me~
and ultimately to Luke and to Unlocking Luke's Voice~

I have found numerous grants and non profits through facebook, some that I wouldn't have found without this interaction.

I have met and gotten to know many mothers and their children through this social networking that I would NEVER have met without it. 

Friends that have shared information.  Valuable information.  Information that has helped me as a mother and as an advocate.  Information that I have been able to pass on to others and hopefully help them and their children.

Friends that have lifted me up, when I felt like I was defeated. 
Friends that have cheered us on. 
Friends that have celebrated our triumphs and pitched hissy fits right along with me.  Friends that would put up their dukes and fight anyone that crossed us.
Friends that have supported me through comments, emails, posts and likes. 
Friends that have prayed for us, prayed over us and prayed with us. 

Bonds that could never have been forged~
And for that I am grateful~so grateful!

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