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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kid's Creek

SO, we are going to Atlanta for the day for 2 FABULOUS reasons~

#1 We will be checking out Kid's Creek in Suwanee, Georgia  :)


Kid’s Creek, Inc. began as the vision of two friends and Speech Therapists, Melanie McGriff and Joanna Conroy. Together with their husbands, the two families launched the company in November 2003. In October, 2008 Melanie and her husband Shane completed the transaction to assume full ownership of Kid’s Creek.

During its first five years, Kid’s Creek has carefully recruited some of the most experienced and respected therapists in the Atlanta metro area, placing special emphasis on the people who demonstrated an innate ability to work effectively with small children. Growing steadily since 2003, Kid’s Creek has developed a reputation for responsiveness and professionalism among local pediatricians and families.

Melanie is a mother to small children, so there has always been a true understanding for the juggling act that parents of special needs children face day-to-day. The clinic tries to be as flexible and accommodating to parents as much as possible. It is the desire of Melanie’s heart as well as a mission of Kid’s Creek to be a place where not only your child’s therapy needs are met, but where your family’s needs are met.
Today, Kid’s Creek is investing back into the community and is continually adding and expanding current services like Hippotherapy, Interactive Metronome and other innovative approaches to pediatric treatment. The clinic at Johns Creek now employs four speech therapists, five occupational therapists, and two physical therapists.

Check out the services that they offer~

Check out their amazing staff~(I would LOVE to be on their team!)

Check out their sensory integration information~

Check out their awesome list of resources~

#2  Dinner with LOUD MOMMY ;)  and our families!!! 

Can't wait to see Tara (and meet Grady) and have them put that iPad 2 into Luke's hands. 
I promise to capture the experience on film~and will definitely share it here and maybe even on the Loud Mommy blog....stay tuned!!!

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