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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tooting our horn ;)

I posted a blog a back in February where I was venting about what was going on with funding, how United Healthcare had told me that speech was a luxury? (I know it still hurts my stomach to even say that...they have no idea!), how our Lindsay Foundation grant would be running out and how Babies Can't Wait would probably take us back to the 2 ST sessions per week~


Well, as I said in that blog and will say again~God is Good, All the Time!!!  All the Time, God is Good!

Over the past week, I received word that Babies Can't Wait met and decided that because of the progress that Luke was showing with the therapy increase, they would "allow" us to continue having therapy services  3 times per week until his 3rd birthday! 

I also received word that Small Steps In Speech Board approved to let us keep the grant to use at the KCC for the first week in June.

But the biggest news was that First Hand Foundation has granted us a large enough grant to pay our co-pays for those 3 sessions from Babies Can't Wait and enough to fund the additional 2 speech therapies per week for many, many months. (all still with our key~Amy Struble of Keystone Therapy Services)  She is still doing an amazing job with our little one and we are so thankful for the funding to keep it going.


This just reminds me to never, ever, ever give up! 

I wanted to throw in the towel. 
I wanted to just go cry myself to sleep.
I wanted to pull the covers over my head. 

But, I didn't~

I owed it to Luke to be the mother that God wanted him to have.

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roxyandsteve said...

That is wonderful news. Those of great faith and trust never go unrewarded. Touche' Mary Clare!! Many blessings coming your way.