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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wah-Wah and Puh, Puh, Puh~

Luke is loving the water, even more since our trip to the beach over Spring Break. 

He now begs to swim (wah-wah) as much as he begs to go to the "puh" "puh" "puh".
(sounds just like it is written, he can only get out the "p" part~but we totally know what he means~He wants to go to the park!)

We try to take him to the park at least one time a day (and if the weather doesn't permit, we go to an indoor park at the mall or Chick o Lay). 

Luke is getting stronger and stronger day by day.  It is amazing to see how far he has come since just October of this year.  Luke used to not be able to manuever on the playground by himself without falling.  He would run and trip, he couldn't climb without assistance and we had "hover" the whole time, worrying that he would run into something or hurt himself.  Fast forward to April and now Luke climbs the stairs by himself, goes up and down the slide, scales the rock wall by himself, swings on his belly, and jumps all over the place.  HUGE difference!!! 

And while I am thankful that I requested an OT evaluation in October that diagnosed him with Dyspraxia of motor movement and Hypotonia; I still keep thinking how much further we would be on this journey IF at the first evaluation/screening by Babies Can't Wait (they would have addressed his clumsiness and noted that he ran into a wall and a table).  If the BCW SLP had the knowledge to suggest apraxia, shouldn't she have also known that apraxia is a motor planning problem and maybe that is why he couldn't climb, jump and had difficulty with balance? 

6 months. 

Six whole months were lost because of this oversight. 

It haunts me. 

I can't help but think...where would we be NOW if we had started OT in May of last year?

I know I should just be thankful and rejoice in Luke's progress, and believe me~I am and I do!

I just can't help but think about what would have happened if I hadn't have pushed for an evaluation.


Angela McCrary said...

Such great news, Go Luke!!! Mary, don't live with "what ifs", there's a reason why it didn't happen before it did. Who knows? Maybe the grants wouldn't have been there. Maybe the help you have gotten wouldn't have been available at that time. Just relax and know that everything that can be done is being done. You have a lot of love and support behind you and we all know that Luke will find his voice! I love you all!!!

Mommy Square said...

Thanks Angela~check the next blog post and it explains my ifs and why. ;)