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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What If? (Wah-Wah and Puh-Puh-Puh continued)

What ifs....they keep running through my head~

What would have happened if I wouldn't have found Frank George at Valdosta Pediatric? (special thanks to two friends who sent me there and one who even gave up her son's regular appointment, so that Luke could be evaluated by Frank).

I keep thinking about all of the kids that came before us, the kids without mamas like me, the kids whose mamas don't know to question~what about them? Did somebody miss their delays and what was causing them?

All of this is coming to the surface because Babies Can't Wait is under review and they have asked for my input. They want comments about Babies Can't Wait and they want to know what I think, or at least they have to publicize it because of the review~and I have gotten requests for my input in the mail and via email.

I was going to just let it go, in fact~I actually threw the letter away and deleted the email, but then another email came and requested comments and Parent To Parent posted about the public forums and ways to comment.

You have to know, that I believe in signs~call it superstitious~call it dumb~whatever!?! I couldn't just walk away. Someone out there in the universe really wanted my opinion~and needed to know that the system is flawed.

I owe it to Luke and to every other child who comes through the BCW program to let the powers that be know that the system is flawed. There are lots of ways to fix the system too~and I would gladly help them revamp it.

I went ahead and submitted my comments via email versus publically addressing Babies Can't Wait at the 2 formal open forums that are coming up. I know, I know~unlike me to not address the situation head on, but I really don't have the time to take off of work, even though they wanted to pay my mileage for attending. (LOL!!!)

So, back to the story~

I didn't just take what Babies Can't Wait told me~you never should just take what anyone tells you if you know your child~if you know in your heart of hearts that there is something wrong...there is. Go with your instinct. A mother is almost never wrong, especially this mama ;)

We just had Luke re-evaluated by a physical therapist and were pleased to find out that Luke doesn't need PT right now. He is going to check him again in June, but until then the PT said to keep doing what we are doing. And Luke's OT is AMAZED by his progress, so much so...that we have to meet again to form new goals!!! He has met and mastered many that we had set. ;)

                                  So, we will keep up the OT with Frank,
                                         home therapy with the family,

                                                   daily visits to the park, 

                                              and Parent/Child gymnastics class.

We are even thinking about finding some time for the wah-wah. Aquatic therapy at Tiny Bubbles is next on the list.

Wah-Wah, here we come!

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