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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kiddo's Clubhouse Foundation

Kiddo's Clubhouse Foundation ;) 

I am going to start sharing more foundations on my blog.  I really feel led to share opportunities for assistance with others~especially since I found out that 6 people that I have shared information with have gotten some sort of help with funding!!!  HOW AMAZING!!!

Lots of friends and family have asked if I have ever been turned down for a grant and the answer is YES~believe it or not, I don't get every grant that I apply for.  I would like to boast that I do, but that would simply not be the truth. 

Which brings me to sharing about a therapy center who has their very own foundation in house~totally fabulous idea, right? 

I SO wish that everyone would feel called to add this part of service to their facility.

Check out Kiddo's Clubhouse at http://www.kiddosclubhouse.com/team.html
and Kiddo's Clubhouse Foundation http://www.kiddosclubhouse.com/clubhouse_connection.html


That children with special needs of all income levels and abilities have equal access to critical therapies needed to make their lives better.

To shape better lives for children with special needs.

Through the help of corporate partners, community volunteers, families, and other donors, we raise funds for to provide scholarships to families who are not able to pay for therapeutic services for their children with special needs. A portion of the funds are used to provide education about disabilities to the public and to support other nonprofit organizations associated with children with special needs.


The Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation recognizes that not all families have the financial means to obtain medically required therapy for their special needs children. With the resources the foundation provides we can help families continue critical therapies, relieve unnecessary financial burdens, and regain hope for their children.

Scholarship FAQ's

Other Resources

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