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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sky Miles and Buddy Passes

As many of you know, we will be spending A LOT of time in Michigan this summer at the Kaufman Children's Center.  Luke will receive intensive therapy in speech therapy, oral motor therapy and occupational therapy for 4 days in June and again for 3 weeks in July

While almost everything for our trip has been covered, we still have an additional need.

It is very important that Luke's SLP in Valdosta get to Michigan this summer while he is receiving intensive therapy.  Nancy Kaufman will work and train our speech and language pathologist personally, if we can get her there.  (Sure we have Kaufman's DVDs, but to see how she actually works with Luke in person~would bean answer to our prayers)  When we were at the KCC in November/December, there were other kiddos who had brought their SLPs or had them flown in for part of their visit~so this is not something unusual.

This is critical to Luke's speech and oral motor therapy, his development adn progress~To have his therapist trained and working with the leading practicitioner in the world~phenomenal opportunity for us and for other children with communication and speech disorders in Valdosta and the surrounding area.  (There are 4 or more apraxic children of varying ages and severity in the Lowndes County area that I am now familiar with.)

THE Nancy Kaufman ;)
Here is where I ask, beg and then plead for your help...if you have frequent flyer miles or access to buddy passes~PLEASE consider helping us fly Amy Struble to Michigan.

My boys cheering for Maggie ;)

You can contact me via email, facebook messaging or commenting on the blog or facebook link for more details~especially about giving frequent flyer miles~I have investigated the whole gifting frequent flyer miles plan and know that it would take anywhere from 25,000 to 32,500 frequent flyer miles to make this round trip happen and that it is cheaper and easier if the "gifter" just purchases the ticket versus "gifting" it.  (Delta charges $30 to gift and 1cent per mile, but to use your FF miles they only charge taxes)

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