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Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

I really had hoped to write more this summer, but it looks like that isn't happening.

First trip to Michigan and the KCC down...2 weeks until we leave again. Yep, we changed our dates.

We realized that staying in a hotel room for 3 weeks wasn't going to be conducive to our family life (which really means....no washer/dryer + no Disney channel = unhappy campers).  We were able to find a furnished apartment that is not too far away from the center and ironically has a lake on the property called Lake Success. 

Someone already asked if we planned to dip Luke's toes in the lake and I responded, we may just have a full submersion. ;) 

Because we will have the apartment for an entire month, we made a decision to change our flight plans.  We actually saved a few dollars on the flight and car rental by doing so.  We will now fly to Detroit on July 4th.  I already called the KCC to let them know we were coming earlier~and they were excited and so happy for us.  One of the team members even giggled when I said it was like crack and I wanted back.  

We are hoping that we can get some additional therapy in for Luke the week prior to SPEAK camp. http://maggieandluke.blogspot.com/2011/05/speak.html

Please pray that the sounds and words keep coming.  God bless!

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