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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Disclaimer~OK~so I am totally joking about this, because I have never, nor will I ever do crack rock.

BUT from what I have heard, it is highly addictive.

This is exactly why I am saying that the KCC is like crack!

I just want and crave more of it, not only for Luke, but for me too. 

He gets so much accomplished while we are there, they get so much out of him and to have everyone on the same team under the same roof is just unreal. 

I learn so much from being there, not only behind the glass during speech sessions, but also in the occupational and physical therapy gym.

Thank you Lord for providing a way for this to happen in July. 

Again, we sincerely appreciate the help of The Hudson Family Foundation and The Azalea City Quota Club for their assistance.

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