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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beyond Words.....

Noah and Luke at The Detroit Zoo
I always look for signs...and am known to say that this must be a sign from God.  I look for His signs in just about everything.  Trying to hear what He is speaking to me, which is sometimes hard with all the noise in my head...and all the talking that I do myself.  (LOL!!!)

Beyond Words was typed to me via chat this week...and that truly sums up the SPEAK (Speech Praxis Experience At Kaufman) experience. 

I want so much to blog about everything that is happening and every single thing that we have felt, but really there is no time.  But I did want to make time for this entry. 

Jesus~Bring the RAIN!!!

There are people that come into your life for a reason.  Sometimes for a season, sometimes for forever.  

This week solidified the bond that I had already felt with one such person.

Me and Lauren
To be around her, her precious son Noah, and her ever present husband Augie is such a blessing.

For our family to be with theirs; whether it be eating lunch, going to dinner, playing at the park, or even...spending a Saturday at the zoo.  It is just completely natural...not contrived.  We don't have to be somebody that we aren't. 

We don't have to explain. We don't have to make excuses or quote the research, or tell them what our last therapist said....we can parent without judgement, we can practice all the scripting that we have been learning and we can just be NORMAL.
Oh, we have lots to say and lots to tell each other, but we can also just be....just be us.  It is so nice to have that connection. 

So that is why this is called post is called Beyond Words.  Because the experiences, knowledge and friendships that we are having...are Beyond Words!

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redbum said...

It is not often you find strangers that feel like lifelong friends and even less often friends who truly feel like family! But for The Maldonado Family -- we hit the jackpot on both! Thank you, Tarpley Family, for feeling like our own! My heart skips a beat with every story we share about family, friends, life, and our beautiful children -- as we realize how very much we have in common and how truly OURSELVES it is safe to be with you all.

Luke and Noah ... oh, to describe them is just BEYOND WORDS -- it is a feeling in the happiest part of my heart and soul! And to have Maggie (whose name is Mary Margaret, which was also to be my name until my parents changed it to Lauren Margaret), is like having a sister for Noah that he has never had and a little friend for me and Augie!

Mary Clare and Lauren finish one another's sentences and have almost identical thoughts (not always a good thing ... but ALWAYS heartfelt(. It is amazing how similar in motherhood we are, the things we wish for our children, and the way we picture and face the situation we are in with Apraxic boys. We realize the road ahead for all of us, but never for one second question "WHY US?" We know why ... because God knew we could! We also realize and acknowledge with all of our being that the husbands we are blessed with are amazing "Dadas" and their efforts to stand beside us and NEVER behind us on this journey for our boys is invaluable!

Brand and Augie share wives that others would wish for and the ability to shake their heads together at our bluntness and desire to FIX the world! Their laughter warms my heart and I am glad that they, too, feel as though they have found long lost family!

Beyond words ... beyond words. How thankful for this journey to unlocking Noah's words and Luke's voice is just BEYOND WORDS!