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Friday, July 15, 2011

The KCC Day 4

I don't think I have told everyone our schedule during the day at SPEAK~Speech Praxis Experience At Kaufman....but here it goes. 

We have 2 individual speech sessions in the morning, usually with a 30 minute break in between.  Luke sees either Julie or Ilene (alternating each day) and ends with Nancy everyday.  We are able to watch behind the glass as they work with him.  Maggie, Brad and I take notes and trade off taking pictures and video.

Luke working with Ilene ;)

Luke in his SPIO, working with Nancy

Here's a clip of some video from today's session with Ilene.

We have some time for lunch and try to get Luke to take a short nap before small group in the afternoon. 

Noah and Luke have become good buddies~

Yummy Mickey pancake ;)
Luke said pancake, too~this was another new word.

They participate in music therapy, have a literacy/language activity, art activity and some movement activity or games.  One parent is allowed to watch behind the glass and at the end the kids come and get us for their final song or an activity. 

Noah and Luke in small group
doing a felt board story of the itsy bitsy spider
After group we sometimes fit in occupational or craniosacral if we didn't get it in before lunch. 

Having a BALL in OT

Times vary because the OT department is simply SLAMMED.  Everyone local kid is out of school and bulking up on their therapy, while all of the SPEAK kids are trying to also be seen.

I will say that it has been so nice to see familiar faces while we spend most of the day at the center.

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