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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake Success

Looking out on Lake Success~

CRAZY that where we are staying is located on Lake Success!!! 
Call it crazy, call it fate, call it whatever you may...
I prefer to call it GOD!
He is so good and we are so thankful for his continued blessings. 

Here are just a few of the things that we have experienced this week in Michigan while receiving craniosacral therapy at the Kaufman Children's Center~

Buga's Bowtique on facebook made Luke's shirt in these pics~Check them out. 
10% of all their proceeds go to The Unlocking Luke's Voice Fund at First United Methodist Church.

Luke worked with Mrs. Amy (OT) this week. 
I heard him attempt to count to 10 with her several times over the sessions.
When he was swinging and spinning during his first session, he also almost got sick....he grabbed his stomach and I know, most ppl would say OH NO that is terrible, but for Luke...this is a good thing.  Before now his vestibular system was under and now...it is working.  You should feel sick from that much spinning.  LOL!!! 

I cannot wait to share all of the other miracles that happen while we are here at the KCC.  Stay tuned for more....because SPEAK camp starts this Monday!!!

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