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Sunday, July 3, 2011

PRESENTING...The Speech-EZ app

The Speech EZ app is a therapy tool for the Speech EZ Apraxia Program.  It isn't, nor should it ever be a substitute for speech therapy with a certified speech therapist, but as you and I both know....therapy isn't cheap.  It is costly and for apraxic children to progress, therapy must be frequent and intense. 

YAY, Luke!!!

This is why I am SOLD on the Speech EZ app.  And no, they aren't paying me to say this.

My husband actually purchased the app for me after a particularly rough day.  (How sweet, huh?)  I am so glad that he did, because this present was much better than flowers, dinner and a movie~and he knew how much I wanted it for Luke.

The Speech EZ app makes therapy go so much faster for Luke and for our speech therapist.  She can easily choose the cards that she wants to use to target various sounds, input data and the app keeps the records.  It is also so much easier to pack the iPad and not have to lug those boxes of card sets with us back and forth from therapy and home.

Sorry, for making you turn your head for all these pics~
I tried to fix the pics, but they would not cooperate with me.
This is a pic of how you record the response from the child.
The first ) is a correct response, the second is --- and the third is ( for an incorrect response.

The Speech EZ app includes over 775 colorful and engaging pictures~that are real and life like, 45 phonogram cards and 10 number cards, as well as the Speech EZ hand cues in video format.

This is an example of a card that starts with p
If you click on the card, it flips and has the word.
It also has audio that will say the word~and it is a really clear voice!

Complexity can vary~here is another p card
This is the pirate and even though it is much higher than Luke's level~
he loves the real pictures.

Here is an example of an m card
This is a mop.  (more Luke's speed, right now)

I was able to talk to the creator, Lynn Carahaly, and am so glad that I did.  She is the sweetest thing and it felt like we were long lost friends.  Instant connection~!!!  As if I wasn't already her #1 fan, she made herself available and offered help if we ran into questions....that sealed the deal.  I will be heading up her fan club.  And if she already wasn't famous...she is about to be.  Lynn is the keynote speaker next week at the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America's yearly conference.

Lynn Carahaly, creator of the Speech EZ app
and owner of Foundations Developmental House,
a Pediatric Speech Language Pathology Clinic.

I didn't truly understand the connection between the hand cues triggering the brain until she explained it to me~but it makes complete sense now. 

Video of each hand cue is available on the app.

I have seen Luke use the hand cue for the "m" sound and I have also witnessed him automatically produce that sound when our speech therapist shows him that cue.

Here's an attempt from Maggie and I to get Luke to show it for the camera.  :)


The Speech EZ app also allows you to customize each therapy session by creating specific sets based on your child's performance and ability level.  (This has to be my most favorite part...only because it makes it FOOL PROOF) 

This makes it completely error free for the novice~

Data is easily collected on the bottom of each slide.  It is stored and can be retrieved easily to share your child's progress.

Clients can be added by name

Special notes can also be added for each session

Sessions can be saved or you can return and revisit a session~
You can also exit and NOT save a session, should you choose.

Lynn Carahaly, M.A., CCC-SLP is the owner and director of Foundations Developmental House, LLC located in both Chandler/Gilbert, Arizona. Lynn received her Bachelor's and Master's degree from The Ohio State University and is pursuing her Ph.D. in the field of Speech Language Pathology. Lynn is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, the National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Her area of expertise is with the treatment of Apraxia of Speech, Auditory Processing Disorders, related disorders and learning disabilities. Lynn Carahaly is a published researcher and has authored several articles on the topic of Auditory Processing Disorders and Speech and Language Disorders.

She is also the developer of The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program. The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program uses multisensory strategies that incorporate visual, auditory, proprioceptive, gestural and tactile input in order to teach the child the correct movement sequences for speech. This multisensory approach addresses various levels of speech motor control, in particular: motor preparation and execution processes.

The Speech EZ website~



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mbguikema said...

i found your web site today and it is so nice to meet other people on this journey with apraxia! our daughter kinley is 3 1/2 and has severe apraxia. we just got her an ipad and i was looking at this app and was wondering if it was worth the $. thanks for posting this! is there any other apps you love to use?