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Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is my first BLOG giveaway and I am absolutely FLOORED that I am going to be able to give this INNOVATIVE and seriously....life changing app away to another parent of a child with Apraxia!

Whatcha talking about Mama?

I am talking about the app that will change your home therapy speech program forever. 
Keynote speaker at the CASANA 2011 Conference
To keep their attention~you have to be better than good :)

To be eligible to win the Parent Version of the Speech-EZ Apraxia Program app:
1. Go to my previous blog about the Speech-EZ Apraxia app. and see what this program is all about.

2. LIKE Speech-EZ Apraxia on facebook and tell them I sent you~

Bonus points for doing the following....

3. Email your journey with Apraxia to me and tell me why you would like to have the Speech-EZ Apraxia App.  maryctarpley@yahoo.com

4. Become a follower of my blog

 You knew it would be a little work to win an app valued at $179, right?
So, what are you waiting for?  Get to it. 
Deadline to enter is midnight Saturday, July 23, 2011.

We can't wait to see who will win it!!!

Many thanks to Lynn for making this giveaway possible and for her friendship.

One winner will be chosen for the Parent Version of the Speech-EZ Apraxia Program App.


TaraM said...

Great job getting this app to giveaway. I can't wait to read all of the posts snd comments.

dotcomkari said...

As you know I been looking into this App for Kai. Right now at home for speech we are using flash cards and mirrors to practice mouth placements. We are also using songs to help learn new words. Not too easy when you got a little man with an attention span of two seconds. :(
It also doesn't help that we are currently going on our second week without any speech theraphy! :( So sad.

Kai's special needs have made us grow as a family . i have learned to speak out more and be his voice. I have learned to fight for what is right and fight to get my children the things they need in life. I learned not to just sit back and take things anymore and to go out and find theraphy and demand things from the school. I also learned not to take little things for granted.

I also learned to praise the little things (like the first time Kai got himself dressed.. ) and how excited you can get over one little word.

Shannon said...

I would love this program. Right now I can't afford to purchase the full program but I was telling our speech therapist about it today and she seemed really intrigued. She uses Kaufmann cards with my youngest son and my oldest son's therapist does too. I just found out that not only does my oldest son have apraxia along with autism and Chromosome 22q11.2 duplication syndrome but my youngest son has apraxia also. I also follow them on Facebook. Thanks, Mary!

Shannon said...

I follow your blog! Love it and how vocal you are for the SN community.

Shannon said...

I emailed you!

dotcomkari said...

I been following your blog for awhile now Miss Mary ! :P

dotcomkari said...

Be ready to read a NOVEL! I sent you the longest email I ever wrote! :P

dotcomkari@yahoo.com .. thats me! :P

Beth M. said...

I follow your blog:)

mary said...

I'm really hoping I can win this for my daughter Niamh, I have emailed you our story and we like Speech EZ on FB