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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gearing up for Apraxia Awareness Day

May 14th is officially Apraxia Awareness Day nationally and in our state of Georgia.

Huge SHOUTOUT to Rep. Amy Alexander Carter for making this resolution happen again this year!

JOIN our family....

in celebrating Luke 

and all of the other precious children finding their voices. 

We are encouraging YOU to wear blue and white on May 14th.

That's Wednesday.

I already have my shirt ;)

The donations raised by it will help to fund our SLPs journey to CASANA's apraxia boot camp.

I vowed to be Luke's voice until he found his; and thankfully with God's grace, direction, provision and healing touch...we are there. 

Luke can speak. He is understood by others. And I must tell you....it is completely a dream come true. 

Little tokens of appreciation to our awesome SLPs

A pic from last year's 1st Apraxia Awareness Day

What are YOU planning to do to show your support? 

We made some ribbons, fliers, brochures and are working on a tri-board.

You've come a long way baby and while we support you all year long; we will especially be celebrating your hard work and success on May 14th.