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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Luke and Brad

Just sharing a video of Luke~
To give you a little background, Luke is calling my parents Mama and Dada.  Maggie and I think it's funny, they love it and Brad is determined to get him to call them something else, anything else.  So here you see my sweet husband trying to "coach" Luke.  It cracks me up and I am so glad that I have started videotaping these moments. 

Enjoy~the end is my favorite...He's still calling himself Bubba~but can approximate Luke now (something we learned at the KCC).


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime fun~

Maggie and Luke at The Kentucky Horse Park

Giddy Up
Ready for trail riding

Showing us his dimples :)

My Silly Monkey

How could anyone tell him no? 

My boys

Tim Hudson's Miraculous Comeback...

Please take a minute to enjoy this wonderful story about
Tim Hudson and his miraculous comeback.


Then read about The Hudson Foundation~ 


Their foundation is based on their Christian values and their strong belief that they should be thankful for their many blessings and give back to those in need.

Thanks to the Hudson Family Foundation for funding Luke's 3 weeks of SPEAK at Kaufman Children's Center.  We leave Monday, July 4th and can't wait.  We checked the schedules and are bummed that the Atlanta Braves aren't playing the Detroit Tigers while we will be in Michigan.  We were hoping to be able to cheer for our favorite pitcher in person.  We may end up catching a Tigers game, but Luke will be wearing his Brave's hat....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Speech Therapy right after a nap~provided by funding from The Lindsay Foundation

This isn't a normal session, we had to wake Luke up for this session of speech therapy with Amy Struble of Keystone Theapy Services.  I wanted you to be able to see Luke for yourself and see what The Lindsay Foundation has provided for us in terms of therapy.  So, here you go.


FYI~Normally, I am not holding Luke in my lap.  But, we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Even allowing myself to be videotaped in not the best light.  LOL!

Please vote for The Lindsay Foundation if you haven't already at this link.

Vote at www.vivint.com/givesbackproject/charity/24

You have to have a Facebook account to vote and you have to like the Vivint page.  Then you can vote once daily until August 27th.

I sincerely appreciate everyone that has been voting and sharing the link on facebook.  I see the numbers climbing and know that it wouldn't be possible if not for those of you committed to our voting team, Team Luke. 


For more information about The Lindsay Foundation, go to http://lindsayfoundation.org/ 

You can also like them on facebook at The Lindsay Foundation. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chiropractic and Healing

We started taking Luke to Dr. Ken Register at Mink Chiropractic and he has already had 3 adjustments.  Luke really likes going.  He doesn't even flinch when touched or adjusted.  He actually likes getting massages, so this is right up his alley.  ;)

Ken told Brad on Friday that he is responding well.  I know that he found that Luke was pulling to the right side, in the neck and also the hips.  (same thing that Magda found in the craniosacral evaluation) 

We also started giving him a multi vitamin and a fish oil vitamin after the first visit.  I can't say that I have seen a difference, but I am of the school...whatever it takes. 

It was suggested by someone that we try one thing at a time, to see what was working and what was the most effective.  I am of the belief that I don't care what it is that is causing his language to increase~in all honesty, God is the ultimate healer, the ultimate physician, the ultimate therapist and the ultimate teacher.  Through Him, Luke is progressing.*

*Towards the end of the school year we visited a Christian man that has been known to heal people through God.  He laid hands on Luke and we all prayed as he prayed over Luke.  It was powerful.  Luke was still, very calm and even put his hands together, bowed his head and was prayerful.  It was so moving.  He knew what was happening and he was attentive.  At the end of our prayers, Luke got down from Brad's arms and ran like I had never seen him run before.  (Remember, he is clumsy and has Dyspraxia of motor movement) 
The healer reminded us that his gift of healing wasn't his, it was God's and that we should praise each little sound, each little utterance, each approximation and the words that would come. 

So, that is what we are doing...Praising the Lord for our baby steps.  We have already come so far.


Apraxia has several definitions as defined by LoudMommy.com ~

A severe speech disorder characterized by inability to speak, or a severe struggle to speak clearly.

Apraxia of speech occurs when the oral- motor muscles do not or cannot obey commands from the brain, or when the brain cannot reliably send those commands.

Verbal apraxia is a disorder of articulation characterized by difficulty with sequencing and organizing motor or muscle movements specifically for the production of speech. It may also be described as the impaired ability to motor-plan.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paper Perfect Gives Back

I am again overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that we have gotten from others. 

Lindsay Scarpate is the President of Paper Perfect and someone I am proud to call my friend and sister; you see, we were both in the same sorority in college.  Little did we know then, that the pink & white bond we shared as sisters in our youth, would mature and grow stronger as mothers of young children.

Lindsay and her mother, Tonya Smith, have devised a way to give back to others and I am totally blown away by their ideas and even astonished that they are going to not only help my Luke, but also help charities that are near and dear to my heart.

Please take a minute to check out Paper Perfect on facebook and LIKE them.  (Maybe even mention that Luke sent you ;) wink, wink)

Also, stop by Perfect Settings' facebook page and LIKE them.  This is their store in Valdosta, Georgia.

Luke loves Mama :)

I really should video more.  I am trying to do that, not only to preserve the memories, but to also chart the progress.


This was a very special moment that I was able to catch on video because of Luke's iPad 2 (shout out to LOUD MOMMY for providing it).  Normally when trying to video with a flip or a phone, Luke will want to see himself.  So using the iPad was perfect.  He could see himself while we were taping. 

His words aren't as loud or as clear as we heard the day before, but it still is HUGE and a definite tear jerker.  You don't know how long I have waited to hear these words, and yes it isn't spontaneous, but it sure close. 

Perfect in my eyes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

I really had hoped to write more this summer, but it looks like that isn't happening.

First trip to Michigan and the KCC down...2 weeks until we leave again. Yep, we changed our dates.

We realized that staying in a hotel room for 3 weeks wasn't going to be conducive to our family life (which really means....no washer/dryer + no Disney channel = unhappy campers).  We were able to find a furnished apartment that is not too far away from the center and ironically has a lake on the property called Lake Success. 

Someone already asked if we planned to dip Luke's toes in the lake and I responded, we may just have a full submersion. ;) 

Because we will have the apartment for an entire month, we made a decision to change our flight plans.  We actually saved a few dollars on the flight and car rental by doing so.  We will now fly to Detroit on July 4th.  I already called the KCC to let them know we were coming earlier~and they were excited and so happy for us.  One of the team members even giggled when I said it was like crack and I wanted back.  

We are hoping that we can get some additional therapy in for Luke the week prior to SPEAK camp. http://maggieandluke.blogspot.com/2011/05/speak.html

Please pray that the sounds and words keep coming.  God bless!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Disclaimer~OK~so I am totally joking about this, because I have never, nor will I ever do crack rock.

BUT from what I have heard, it is highly addictive.

This is exactly why I am saying that the KCC is like crack!

I just want and crave more of it, not only for Luke, but for me too. 

He gets so much accomplished while we are there, they get so much out of him and to have everyone on the same team under the same roof is just unreal. 

I learn so much from being there, not only behind the glass during speech sessions, but also in the occupational and physical therapy gym.

Thank you Lord for providing a way for this to happen in July. 

Again, we sincerely appreciate the help of The Hudson Family Foundation and The Azalea City Quota Club for their assistance.

Loni's blog ;)

Thanks to Loni for this awesome post about insurance.  Check it out at www.hisapraxiajourney.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CranioSacral Therapy

Luke had a CranioSacral evaluation today by Magda at Kaufman Children's Center.  Very informative, but also totally overwhelming (in a good way).  This is just another piece to the puzzle.  I was overcome with emotion, crying and hugging Luke and then Magda.  Affirmation finally that when I didn't sleep for months on end because I was afraid that Luke was having trouble breathing...he in fact was. 

Praise God that He answered my prayers as I lied in bed listening to his breathing and praying that He would keep him breathing.  He watched over Luke and he didn't suffer from SIDS. 

This probably makes no sense to any of you, but then again~you may not know that Luke lost oxygen after his birth (via c-section) and that I had told his pediatrician that I thought he was having difficulty breathing when he slept.  Then at around 3 months he had to have breathing treatments.  All of this was confirmed today with this CST evaluation and makes sense to us now.  This has had an effect of Luke's development.  When I have the final report, I will be able to explain more.  It is hard to explain, but it all makes sense as to why Luke has difficulty with motor planning, speech production and attention.  Good news is~Magda can help us...and we start tomorrow.

See below for more information about CranioSacral Therapy from the KCC.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system-membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protest the brain and spinal cord, extending from the bones of the skull, face and mouth (which make up the cranium) down to the tailbone area (or sacrum). The role of the craniosacral system is to maintain the environment in which the central nervous system functions.  An imbalance or dysfunction in this system can cause sensory, motor and/or neurological disabilities. CranioSacral Therapy works by helping the body's natural healing mechanisms release the negative effects of stress on the central nervous system. 

Children who may benefit from CST include those with brain dysfunctions, central nervous system problems, self-regulatory and modulation difficulties, traumatic birth processes, and developmental delays, as well as various sensory disorders, including eye-motor coordination problems, autism, dyslexia, and vertigo.

CST sessions for children can last from 15-60 minutes, depending on the child's tolerance and need. The optimal result of CranioSacral Therapy is a central nervous system free of restrictions and a body that is able to return to its greatest levels of performance.

For more information about this type of therapeutic intervention and how it may benefit your child, contact the Occupational Therapy Department at the Kaufman Children's Center by phone at (248) 737-3440 or via email at jessicah@kidspeech.com or visit http://www.kidspeech.com/


Maggie, Mary Clare, Luke & Mrs. Nancy

All I can say is WOW!  God is amazing and He works in mysterious and miraculous ways.  So thankful for getting to the Kaufman Children's Center, for the amazing people we have met, the amazing people that helped us make this happen, and for the outstanding results that we have had so far. 

Luke, Mr. Jason and Ms. Magda and their Unlocking Luke's Voice shirts~

Luke has made great strides since we came to the KCC last.  Every single therapist, including Nancy Kaufman has commented on how impressed they are with his progress and growth. We couldn't be prouder. 

Luke and Mrs. Nancy after a speech session

Having Amy Struble of Keystone Therapy Services in Valdosta be able to come and train with Nancy here at the KCC has been invaluable.  Amy learned tons (that will not only help Luke, but will help others in our area) and was able to plan with Nancy where to go next with Luke's therapy.  Amy said it was better than any conference or training that she could have attended.  Being able to learn and see "the master" in action doesn't hold a price tag, especially in what it will do for helping Luke. 

Nancy Kaufman and Amy Struble

Thanks so much to the angel that provided the frequent flyer miles for Amy's flight, to Tiffany Johnston-Sparks of Walton Options for our hotel, for Small Steps in Speech for a grant towards our speech therapy at the KCC, to Friends of a Man for a grant for therapy, to Quota Club of Valdosta (their fundraiser is helping with both of our KCC trips) and to all of our church family at First United Methodist for donations and prayers. 

Mrs. Sara and Luke

Mr. Chris and Luke with his "ears" for therapeutic listening

Picture taken behind the glass of a speech therapy session with Mrs. Sara

Picture taken of Brad, Luke and Mrs. Nancy working on the KSLP and teaching us how to utilize them~

Luke and Mrs. Amy~
Who says therapy can't be fun?!?

Mr. Chris spinning Luke in the egg chair~vestibular work

Luke loves jumping down from the loft

A little oral motor therapy~
If success is measured by the number of smiles, giggles and words we heard....then this trip was nothing but successful.